Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Silver Spring Twp Gutter Cleaning

Silver Springs Twp homeowner called in indicating mulch washout with the rain.  They needed their gutters cleaned.  Unless you watch the overflow during the rain,  you would need to look for signs of mulch or soil having been washed out to realize your gutters are clogged.
mulch washout
Gutters full to the brim

Gutters scooped & brushed

Mr. Green Gutter Cleaning will finish with a flush to ensure that the gutters will flow properly during the next rain.  Proudly serving York, Lancaster, and Dauphin counties.  Contact us if you need your gutters cleaned.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gutter Covers Harrisburg, PA

The pictures say it all.  Too often customers think that since they don't want to deal with the maintenance of their gutters, they will have a cover installed.

This customer has aluminum mesh gutter screen and a locust tree which is simply a bad combination if you ask me.  The leaves on the locust tree are small and can fit in anywhere.  There are also tiny stem-like pieces that get trapped under the spike and furl in the gutters.  Then the leaves cause a back up in the spouting.

Covering up your gutters won't save you a cleaning.  In fact now we have something extra to contend with.

Read more about the different kinds of gutter guards on our site

Rather than cover up a problem, call us to schedule a cleaning and ask about our headache free maintenance plans.